Volante (adjective): vo·lan·te | [voh-lahn-tey]

  • flying or capable of flying

  • moving lightly and quickly

I created Volante PT & Performance with the desire to help runners continue running. Runners are often given misinformation or information overload about how much to run, when to run, how their bodies should look while running, on and on.


The fear of being told to stop running has kept me & runners I know from getting help when aches or pains pop up, because running is so much more than a form of exercise. It’s a way to unwind from the day or week, to push yourself harder and further than you ever thought possible, and a space where you can be truly free. 

So when you can’t run or you're told not to/it's dangerous/stop running so much, it’s hard to function. Life just doesn’t feel the same. 

But the good news is this: with many running-related injuries, you don't have to stop - you may just need guidance in modifications while your body adapts & heals.

I’ve had several running-related injuries that devastated me both emotionally and physically. They’ve served as incredible learning experiences, helping me more quickly identify other runners’ issues and giving me insight into how best to help them.

I’d love to help guide you in your journey back to healthy, happy running!




• B.S. in Kinesiology from Arizona     State University, 2012

• Member of ASU Cross Country         & Track teams


• Doctorate of Physical Therapy         from University of Southern             California, 2017

• Orthopedic Physical Therapy            Resident at University of                    Michigan, 2017-2018

• Board-Certified Orthopedic             Clinical Specialist, 2019

  Certified Strength & Conditioning   Specialist, 2020

• Presenter at Michigan Physical       Therapy Association on The             Physical Therapist's Role in               Relative Energy Deficiency in           Sport (RED-S), October 2020

• Relative Energy Deficiency in           Sport (RED-S) Course Participant     taught by Becca McConville, 2020