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Stress Fracture Rehab

2021 R fem neck stress fx MRI 2.png

The Details:

  • Online and hybrid options

  • Includes:

    • Initial intake assessment

    • Individualized rehab program including strength, cross-training & return to run

    • Weekly program updates

    • Unlimited communication via programming applications

    • Bi-monthly check-ins

      • Online: 2 virtual coaching calls per month

      • Hybrid: 1 in-person strength session/month

Do you have a stress fracture and you don't know where to start? 

One of my primary goals as a physical therapist & coach is to help runners properly rehab from stress fractures in order to prevent them from happening again. 

I've had 12 stress fractures and understand the sense of defeat that comes along with them - the forced time off from running, the uncertainty about what I could still do without hurting myself more, and how I could learn to trust my body and stop this from happening in the future. 

Stress fractures are incredibly complex, and runners need guidance and reassurance throughout their recovery. If you're looking for a plan to facilitate your recovery & get you back to running healthy for the long term, I'd love to help. Check out the details of stress fracture rehab below & get in touch!

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