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Are you frustrated that your hard work in training seems to always lead to injury, or anxious that your body may not be able to handle the sport anymore?

Regardless of your injury history, with a sensible plan & optimal guidance you can accomplish your running goals.


We work together to create a clear & flexible running-specific rehabilitation plan that leaves you feeling confident & empowered.

Physical Therapy Options

In-Person Physical Therapy Evaluation

90' Session / $215

  • For those in Arizona who are currently dealing with pain & injury

  • Assessment of current injury including strength, endurance, movement and mobility evaluation

  • Individualized rehabilitation plan

In-Person Physical Therapy Follow Up

60' Session / $175

  • For those returning to physical therapy for follow-up sessions

  • Re-evaluation of strength, movement and mobility

  • Updated rehabilitation program

  • Some patients may qualify to utilize their out-of-network insurance benefits. HSA & FSA cards are accepted. 

  • Email and phone communication between visits as needed is included in the visit cost.

  • On average, patients are seen for 3-4 total visits.

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