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Sara C

I learned about what to do to work with my body and how to continue to train despite aches. We “read” my aches and listened to them to guide training. I was able to build back my mileage, alleviate injuries, and maintain my menstrual cycle while increasing mileage! I was even able to train 5x a week and get pregnant!


Andee A

Stephanie is simply amazing. She tailored to my therapy needs as a runner and excelled in specializing my exercises. I was able to run pain free for months and train for a marathon. Stephanie is patient, attentive and very knowledgeable


Erica M

Dr. Steph was supportive throughout the entire process and left me with the skills and knowledge I need to continue to maintain the health of my hip on my own. With her guidance, I went from not being able to walk without significant discomfort to running pain free. I continue to use her coaching services to keep up my strength training.

A few words from Samantha:

Meet Nisha!

Here's Sara!

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