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Keeping You Running

I'm Dr. Stephanie Mundt

Female Running Coach in Scottsdale, AZ

Volante PT & Performance was created with the desire to transform the management of running-related injuries. 

After personal experiences with an eating disorder, recurrent stress fractures, hip labrum tears and knee osteoarthritis, I've realized there's a lot of misinformation & not a lot of hope out there for runners struggling with these issues. 

As both a physical therapist & coach, I'm able to help guide you all the way from injury to healthy training & racing, and I hope to help restore trust in your body's ability to heal & perform.


"In the end, my daughter now runs pain free...She ran PRs in all of her Track events her senior year and had a great season - it really was exactly what she had hoped for.   Of course that's her hard work, but she's always been a hard worker - Stephanie gave her the program and support she needed to get there, and I don't think she could have done it otherwise.  Stephanie seemed to understand right away what we needed; she really listened to us and in a short time...helped her run better, faster and happier.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone  who needs help with running - someone new to the sport, someone struggling with chronic pain issues, or someone trying to reach goals.  We'll both always be grateful to her!!"

-Nicole B.

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"My hip pain decreased through the strength work that Steph programmed, and the complementary running programming helped me to be able to recover adequately after my training sessions. As my pain decreased and I was able to continue with my marathon training, my confidence increased...her questions and prompts always addressed my total state--mental, physical, and emotional--and that was helpful for me as I processed my pain, diagnosis, and potential next steps. Most of all, she helped me have and find confidence, and I'm very grateful for that!!!" 

 -Erin S.

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